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Re: lollolooo

Hey I didn't know you too well but you seem like a nice person ehehehe. Well, I'll honestly take anything that's left even though it probably gone xDD. Trust me to get in there late.. Eh well what can you do

Hi I'm Golden from Lugh

Hi, I played this game when it was the start of the Halloween event in crom, met a really nice friend and came to Rhiannon where I was warmly accepted into the clan RaptureEve under the name SmexyRogue, I met loads of people and was happy being Arwen and Vissago's subordinate. Later I met Sonic895 a...

Re: Can rangers please have a certain stat to concentrate on

If we whine enough they'll add a 20 peirce to quivers and lower the magic/ice/fire to 30. That would solve alot of problems, and as to the skill, I agree lol. We do have sharp shot which is nice if you have the dex to power it up but barbed shot really lacks, we should have a skill that does quite s...

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