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Re: Clan TigerWrath

Samkhan8000 wrote:Clan TigerWrath, Elites come Join, were doing good soo far.

World: Lugh
Class: Warrior 82 - Ranger 24 - Rouge 36 - Druid 42 - Mage 44
Samkhan --- SamRangedEyes--SamSneakyEyes-SamSnakeEyes-SamFireEyes
Clan: TigerWrath (chieftain)

Omfg Sam ur so cute lolololololololol <3

Re: Clan Aftermath

Hey clan. I thought I might post another post cause my other post is so deep in the thick of chat, it might not get noticed. So... I currently need - Faerie amber, two billion orbs of frostweaving, yellow hound and two yellow (the ones for greaves lol). LONG LIVE CLAN AFTERMATH P.S. Clan took a huge...

Re: HiYo scammed me

SiIentbladez wrote:I was talking with hiyo support took all the stuff he had as he said to me and now hes mad over that hope this cheers you up a bit :)

So that means all xrogue's stuff is gone? :0

Re: Snowstorm Spirits

Venus wrote:
Powned xD wrote:Where i get SnowBalls ?

Ty for *FeedBack*


Gee, idk, maybe from the mob that was named in the title of the thread? That just might be it. Anyways get off the forums your posts are all useless.

+1 rofl


Satkahn/Satkhan is a scammer, i think ppl tell me he got his account stolen. His alts are Swordhan, Cannin or something. Dont trade him. He will scam you!

Ty for reading.
Ty to Aftermath for support.


Hi i got scammed, i sent an in game support request a couple hours back. I would like to say that i really would like my item back and if its not possible then that really sucks.

Spent 4 weeks trying to save up that gold, and even bought some plat.

Hope you can help.

Re: Clan Aftermath

Directed to forum by max, need a couple of drags and elms. Nothing much. Cya all in game.

Also need: 3 Yellow stars/space
3 Air/Mind basalt

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