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Re: Takin offers!!

Cazz wrote:
Woox16 wrote:500k

Dont make me laugh

its only 1k heal and takes what 3mins to heal? not worth it tbh even tho i paid 1.2mill for mine.. i like the glow in it tho

Dragonlord Vs. AGGY! CONTEST!

Hello All im here for a contest i made. This contest will be 5 classes with full dragonlord and or weapons vs aggy! Rules: Only 5 people aloud at aggy fight unless ur recording. Classes: Mage Druid Rogue Ranger Warrior MUST RECORD THIS! Cant have anyone else help with fight or adds! This is an ultim...

Re: Good News!

I was denied :( might of be denied for calling me a scamscum or scumbag or whatever the hell you cal it lol Lol I've no idea why I was denied , I used an app to get my udid and couldn't copy and paste , I might have made a mistake with that . As far as calling scamscum , scamscum I am 100% sure tha...

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