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Re: Server transfers

I would like to see the ability for players to be able to log into other servers with their toons as they are much like beta is done. Gear would be bound to the toon outside of their main server. This would enable players from all servers to be able to help each other on large raids since otm keeps...

Re: Server transfers

Think it’s a bad idea because it would absolutely destroy weak servers. Everyone would go to the top 2-3 servers. Anyway, it may take Danu longer but I’m going to stay positive that we will eventually kil it as we have all other bosses before. Yea it takes us longer, but it makes the accomplishment...

Re: World/Server Chat

It’s already available. Just have a 1 clan server far easier. toggle and messing around muting lvl 100 bs etc etc is complete waste of time. What if we dont want i clan server but world chat? I don’t know many people who hate each other but want a sociable chat at anytime :/ But if you don’t want t...

Re: Server population

Server- Danu - 1 eg clan that’s capable of killing Gele. - Kills Gelebron day of spawn usually but not guaranteed. - We get an average of around 34 toons for Gele. - An average of 25 indidvudal players for Gele. - 1 other clan in Danu that is capabale of killing everything up to Proteus. Edit: We h...

Re: BT buff incoming

Epona are showing other servers the way...on OTM ludicrous expectations.

Take off your dominant clan blinkers and get communicating with others clans. And get the job done.

Stop whining about numbers. Prove a point.

Re: Celtic Heroes Future

game completely lacks realistic clan battles in theory now. (As mentioned large clans v smaller clans) lack of people over timezones makes this game a virtually NO competition over certain time scale. Way I see it from other games coming in the AppStore is the ability to sync with whatever platform ...

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