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Re: Off game Marketplace

Can you or someone help me get on wechat? Also why do we use this app? Its terrible for new players I mean you cant use it unless you get invited or where already using it previously years ago

Re: Account Conflict PW

My my this is an old post, sorry for the delay haha it took no more than 2 weeks. I recently had an issue with mixing two of my lvl 5 mounts at lvl 180 without realising that lvl 6 mounts require you to be lvl 200. They got back to me in 3 days this time around

Account Conflict PW

Hi I’m a fairly old player and left the game about 2 years ago for personal reasons. I tried coming back into the game and found myself upon this screen: “Account Conflict PW, Account name is conflicted, change required”. This upsets me a lot because I had a level 200 ranger with a lot of valuables ...

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