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Re: Golden Venom Vs Golden Ice

I go with the trident because not only does it have 100 ice damage wich helps with higher lv mobs but it adds LOTS of points to your dexterity and strenght. It adds 100 health and mana so I can add more points to strenght and raises my defence by 100! The sad this about tridents is they don't glow :'(

Re: New Lux Weps

For me as a rogue i think the trident is the best offhand for a rogue. It adds lots of dex and strenghth(wich we need), 100 ice damage, 100 defence, 100 health, 100 mana. Plus its only 225K sad thing though is that it doesnt glow :(


I was wondering if tridents could get a cool glow like the swords. I think its awesome how they do that :D alos whats the best type of trident ice or magic?

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