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Sulis 25th dec 2017

Just letting all other servers out there know if you're playing the game on xmas day feel free to drop by sulis, Im wanting to make it a great and memorable end to the year and wanna get the server involved by hosting a giveaway, even if you just wanna come and watch that is cool. I decided to make ...

Xmas giveaway 2017

This is such an early notice but not a short one. 25th of december ill be doing a mass giveaway ranging from mounts to consumables. Would be a great way to get the server involved especially the ones that login on xmas day. I made this a really early notice so i can put up either a line group chat. ...

Account gone?

before the ios n droid servers mixed up i had a seperate account on both platforms and the account id was both the same and i think both my accounts got deleted? since i dont see one if my toons on top players

can these players contact me

idk if u still play, its been years and i miss u haha

If u guys remember nuke then u should know me :)
im looking for:
i forgot some names so ill just say the rest of the members of the old guild moocows <3


Hi im Shivah the dude tht stands by auction talking all day u may hav seen me u may hav not if u havent then nice to meet u. Instead of standing at castle for hours shouting what im buying i thought this could be another way to interact. so heres what im buying: +4 +5 firebolt firestorm rings +5 fir...

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