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whats going on in Lir?

I'm really curious why Lirs players are moving to Balor server? Is your server not doing great? In case someone read this prior to creating an account in Lirs better yet join Balor server than to join a dying server. It will save you time, gold, luxes, elixers etc..

Re: Sorry to whoever was a victim

Just to be clear, there was no hack. Michaelxxx posted his account info on the forum Yeah, this thread must be locked. It's like all of you putting more woods in the fire. Some comments should not be posted cuz ot does more damage than having it solve. One thing I know is that account sharing is ag...

Re: Where to get: Cruel knife

Llewellyn wrote:I got one from a skullcrusher berserker. After farming Dustwither for days. lol

Same I got 2 from skullcrusher berseker 3* within 7mins. I keep one and the other I gave to friend name Cherylene. :)

It helps me to train my dagger ability quicker than using my ancient wyrmbone. :P

Re: pathrider strikes

This is a Big BS! People are not stupid as you think. Maybe you can say he hack your account or maybe cuz you simply shared your account info. The game is a separate application from other application, we using BAND as our Auction House and you telling me he hack it too? Using same name, same logo p...

Re: When Will It End! Establishing a Final Reachable lvl cap

No offense to anyone here, because I do understand that we can't just dump all of our money into the game, but for those of you that claim you've never spent a dime in-game and are really high level or have a lot of stuff - you should consider supporting the game company whose product you enjoy so ...

Re: When Will It End! Establishing a Final Reachable lvl cap

Expect a soft cap at 230. A hard cap won't happen. The hard cap will be the level at which you can no longer get xp on a lvl ~230 mob. It's more likely to be 240 given the past expansions. They just need to add more parallel content. One of the reasons i do like the game is it takes some effort to ...

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