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Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

I like the idea of hats like the ones during the winter event but I’d like them to be tradeable. I was sad i didnt get a white hat and I saw someone get one who didn’t care for it. If OTM is worried about people making too much gold from the hats a simple solution would be to increase the amount of ...

Re: Patch notes?

We've still got one or two rounds of bug fixes to do but the rough date for the first beta (Closed) is looking to be March 1st. How do we get into this fabulously exclusive closed beta? Send Muldar or Esq baked goods... Usually we pick a random wide selection of high leveled characters from all ser...

Re: Best Support Druid Braces?

Swap mord breath/touch bracers, with breath or sanctuary cd as other slot. Slight correction: Hot-swap mordi breath/touch bracers, with Godly or imperial Emberdrak bracer if you can find one. If you can't find an emberdrake bracer for the other slot, Id recommend mono/gele/osan for the alternate br...

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