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Re: RP

i like to pretend im a noob mage and wear scale armor with a broadsword.


lets face it U.S. we are ***. clinton and trump are both horrible. trump has no soul and clinton will do whatever as long as she gets money. tho let me see ur opinions, who do u want for president, why? or do u want nothing to do with the candidates like me, ik there are more than those 2, but they ...

Re: Teen wolf

i watch vampire diaries. so i will not judge teen wolf. what i learned from vd is, dont judge a tv show/movie by its cover. i would do book, but who reads... when i was like 10 i thought vd was a baby show. now im 15 and i love the show next to the flash. all caught up as well, gotta love illegal si...

Re: lowest level chief

LeGenDzZ wrote:TubbyWubble II of Relentless is lvl5

a level 5 named tubby told high levels to join his clan, never made another toon higher than 5 and is not a toon shared by multiple people? or is this a troll post...

or the bank is the leader, and the clan is owned by several gens? is ur post a troll post?

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