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Final’s Cave Expansion!

Welcome to the treacherous tides of Fingal’s cave where new clans of pirates embark on quests to plunder the treasures of Dal Rita. Tread carefully on the dead man’s shores as there will be whirlpools to pull you to the depths or lvl 230 High Pirate Captains to make off with your loot. Explore the s...

Re: Price check

Danu Idols: 50-100g ea Restos: 200 ea Xps: 1-2k ea Hp: 1k ea Energy: 1k ea Haste: 5-6k ea :( Defence: 1k ea Attack: 1k ea Armour: 1k ea Hero xp: 5k ea Combo: 10-12k ea Hero Combo: 20-25k ea Hp Sigs: 8-11k ea Energy Sigs: 8-11k ea Chests: 50k ea --- Alt: 20k ea Rebirth: 15k ea Backpack Exp: lol gl fi...

Re: Dont update CH but we need an update in WarhammerOdyssey.

Why do you even post mate, you literally contribute nothing to this community. Contribute in a worst community ( Dom clans, bots, scammers, stubborn). LMAO!!! The Forums, people who are actually suggesting changes and providing feedback, something you cant really grasp it seems. This worst communit...

Re: Dont update CH but we need an update in WarhammerOdyssey.

I reached the max lvl in Warhammer Odyssey and theres nothing else to do. So im asking Devs to update Warhammer Odyssey an add regiment war. Add pvp or regiment vs regiment. Warhammer Odyssey is the best MMORPG EVER. P.S. Buying reaper ring 2 million, server Epona. Need asap, i need reaper ring for...

Re: An idea

ngl I low key love this, I can already imagine a towering figure looming over the heroes gathers in Lirs reach with glowing red eyes.

Maybe a low lvl dot like the ow flames coming into the aggy pit if you are not wearing a full set of ragged fash? 0.o

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