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My journey ends here..

Noodle here, With big problems in real life and myself losing interest in the game I have decided to quit the game after a long 3 years of playing. Makes me very sad having to leave. Thank you to all of Ascension/Prime for being on this journey with me. May Ascension live long and kudos perish. Big ...

Apply to join Ascension Today!

http://i59.tinypic.com/24mgf8n.jpg Join Ascension via our website : Http://ascension.pw (Click Recruitment on the Nav bar) Our website has gone very well with way over 100 users and around 20+ Applications to join our clan. Our clan is the top clan on danu with the most geared, high leveled and mat...

Bosses within the top of tower

How are we expected to kill these bosses, presuming there's going to be a huge boss like Mordris at the end of the tower. We have 2 main druids in our clan on DANU and they are levels 170-190 most of our druids we pull to bosses are alt druids duel logging and there is no way they are going to be le...

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