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Re: Would you be happy?

Just a question, would you guys be happy if i come back?^^ Did you leave because people wanted you to leave? If not then It's entirely up to you. I've come back in the past 2 weeks after 4-5months away from the game and it's much more enjoyable. it's all about playing with people that make the game...

Re: New ranger

Going strong with a dex build at the moment. (SharpShot, DoubleShot, BarbedShot and a heal) You think barbed shot is wortH using??? People I speak to say that it is not so good so just wondering your thoughts on that also :?: I use barbed shot on my 165 ranger mainly because I dont use rapid shot a...

Re: Soloed Ythair

Rare bosses spawn at the same time in all servers? Because we've killed frost king and 1 hour later ythair was up as well

Re: Rogue Leveling Build

I got level 200 by soloing, making one red bar per lix! Skills: riposte ls ss qs sa :) I used to solo lvl most of the time and I still do occasionally. Almost lvl 200 and I've yet to get less xp solo lixing than group lixing. Group lixing is better of course if you wanna save restos and not have to...

Re: I'm back!

All those fashions were from past events. Only way of getting them now is to buy them off other players.

Re: Fingal vs balor

OpticalAwakens wrote:
friddoo wrote:6500 common chickens 1700 black dumpies 1000 red roosters 2500 marsh browns

damn balor ur chickens are dying in mass quantities.

Pfft chickens. Tavern bat all day long.

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