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Re: Whats everyones preference when it comes to skain/gara dps sets?

Thanks guys. Ive been using runic ammy on both my ranger and rogue for a while now but im close to completing a stormleaf set. Health isnt an issue for either, both toons have a base vit of 10. I guees there is this huge misconception about skain sets and how good they really are. Ive been a skeptic...

Whats everyones preference when it comes to skain/gara dps sets?

I understand there are areas where each set has its advantages/disadvantages it seems stormleaf set is the most prefered when it comes to endgame toons. If anyone has a list of each raid boss and their main elemental weakness, that'd be great. I know bosses like prot, gele and unox are less resistan...

Re: Uptown Moo you up

Basically they have about 50% more members and about 30% higher rating than conc. Now factor in what was just stated about them having "....no rivals just a roach here and there..." Conc has rivals but if they didnt that would mean those would-be rivals are instead, a part of their clan wh...

Re: Uptown Moo you up

You're making a broad accusation here. Is it conceivable that a rival member of concordiia created a lvl 5 alt to spark a flame between 2 clans on different servers? Of course. Takes little effort in getting a toon to lvl 5.

Anyone can make accusations.

Re: scammed

According to the ToS of which i havent read in over a year, it states trades are final. Unless it involved a toon being accessed by someone other than the original owner, i dont think OTM will take action. If you're not aware of our World xfers forum via the band app then i highly suggest you join. ...

Re: Questions about android

MrScar wrote:Why does ppl say that there are no reaper rings on android? Or did I missunderstand something? :p
Cuz we own a couple of these rings on Donn

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