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Re: How dragons could have been

I also opened 700+ chests and received no eggs, but that's the risk we face. I've heard of it happening to others before I purchased plat- I still tried my luck.

I agree with OP, that idea is great but then otm would make a lot less money, imo. That alone is probably enough to kill that idea.

Re: Legacy Lux Vendor

I got the first reaper on balor after 3 ring purchases then got 1 on donn after 6 or 7 ring purchases. its completely fair. Ive dumped 10-15m on rings a few months ago and the best thing i got was a huntsman ring. Players already camp it when resets are scheduled. OTM didnt have to implement the sho...

Re: Banned LVRogue

Notoriety achieved by wasting countless hours going from server to server, trying to scam people instead of actually playing the game and earning the items yourself.

Notorious for being a loser.

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