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Re: quivers??

Just wondering if anyone knows what the cooldown is like for the skill from the wind quiver?

Re: Mages should be able to train at same speed as other cla

Why should mages skill dps increase you ask? Because it is the only damn thing we have for damage. Wands suck. Period. If a Mage needs lures to bump up his ONLY MEANS OF DAMAGE, and even then it is not the highest hitting, something is wrong. We are not asking to out dps a ranger or a rogue with mel...

Re: Two New Policies

Teaweasel wrote:Um..

This is like saying.. If you don't have sexual relations with anyone you won't get any STD's. So to never get STD's, just NEVER have Sex.

It's totally true. But um... Yeah.. No one is gonna follow that advice.

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