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Re: problems between people

Couldn't agree with you more gazz, especially point 2.Its like people either want to kill a boss without us or don't kill at all. Kind of a siege mentality against us, which is not healthy for all parties involved. As for dl, think of it like this, if there are people who went to 100s of kills and d...

Re: 180+ Bossing Build & Gear Help

I see,thanks a lot.I didnt max,smoke because another rogue in clan,maxed it.So aggy 45 fire/cold,is better than,ss.I had a feeling and ran some,tests,on mobs but thot ss is poison I am adding poison dmg.So autos are more beneficial at this point huh . Also i wud love to add some more poison dmg gear...

180+ Bossing Build & Gear Help

Hello ,Im a 180+ rogue on android server whose focus is shifted to pure bossin(will level after tower update) We haven't taken down hrung/mord yet so gear is a lil sub par compared to iOS Had a few doubts regarding build and gear and I hope the top rogues will help on this :) 1)Most bosses now have ...

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