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Re: EG gear help

Hello Rogues of all worlds, I need some help with gear choosing as I somehow cant get raid boss kills over our rangers. Not talking about getting prot kills as rangers have natural advantage here, but other bosses like hrung, mord and necro are getting killed by rogues in other worlds regularly so ...

Re: Best Lock Rogue tips

currently level 180 rogue atm I need help on stats hp and build im at 1k plus dex and some points in vit (4k hp) what armour should i be using? What weps should i use? what lux should i have? what should i be buying? budget 5mil my equipment Gear: 140 dex ammy stalker,100 ow dex brace and 180 shop ...

Re: Dragons Not Created Equal

I don't think its because poison is strong in carrow. OTM isn't dumb enough to care about a few dragons dominating a zone that came out 4 yrs ago. Maybe poisons going to be the best damage in the Corrupted Gardens, so they don't want players having too much advantage with a huge poison skill that's ...

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