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I am Nub Main

Sup you poopkins. I am Nub Main. So give me free gold so I can buy 5% mounts. I was Deathbytray on the forums, and Deathhbytray3 in game, but due to me living near to OTMs office n I made a visit and forced them to change my name. In real life I am a skilled... Procrastinator, and I like sports such...

Re: Pier Options?

As far as Queen Medb is concerned, I'm pretty sure she is gonna be in one of the expansions for the Connacht tower (spellseekers) or Connacht fortress (Atrisal) if they do come out. They look like potential areas for expansion. Nah because MacRoth is leading the army here, Alford MacRoth is the guy...

Re: Aye, wut da hell doe.

Aerdou aka Klip wrote:
TehGuyGaming wrote:Isn't an evil queen mentioned somewhere in the Questline that lives on a different island?

Yeah man, wasn't that from update 2, when u arrive on the shore. Can't remember, been awhile

Queen Medb yeah and she's mentioned in this event. She's supposed to be some Harpy

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