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Re: How powerful is armor?

Not even close, but one thing I did wonder, if u have for example 1000 armour, and very low defence (no defence gear, no dex), a lvl 1 mob that hits u with around 2 dmg when u barely have 20 armour, will it still damage u? Or will it 'parry' or 'block' all hits? Becuase if he hits 2 dmg with 20 arm...

Re: Anyone play dota2?

I enjoy the amount of learning and strategy it requires, and especially the amount of punishment that happens if you make a minor mistake. It tequires superb hand eye coordination and fast judgement making skills, which is one of the major reasons as to why I enjoy the game as it fills my senses wit...

Re: Chests

My friend on Herne opened 1 chest and got the 100% rarest horse and didn't even notice the rarity, she was just hyped she got a horse in general

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