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Re: What do u think

Mental attack evasion was originally for the skills like taunt, war cry, and distract. There isn't a reason to actually have the evasion since there's no bosses that actually use skills like those, but some bosses do need to evade taunt distract and war cry, so it's in the game for said reasoning.


30 hours into the game so far, playing my last few calibration matches and they're all with GN4 and AK(whatever it's actually called). Of course I open 3 cases and get mp7 urban hazard 3 times

Re: Anyone play dota2?

I used to play it pir :') and you know I did :P lol all my time is dedicated to CSGO and surfing on CSGO now, cause surfing on CSGO is so calm and watching people struggle is fun.... I remember my time on Dota with my peaceful jungle farming as bloodseeker and I always out farmed the mid lane :) u ...

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