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Re: Congratz herne on Gelebron!

Last one I got before rage http://i1381.photobucket.com/albums/ah225/P1R4HN4/E514B938-1647-4145-98FE-DB4EBE1AD22B_zpsggc9xab9.png This one was right as he raged though. Probably better representation http://i1381.photobucket.com/albums/ah225/P1R4HN4/08443385-57D5-4119-B24F-5EC35B588588_zpsb7f6vlei.p...


Muldar wrote:I played 2 games pre nerf, all you can see in my demo is my aim shaking from laughing too hard.

Every round turned into a eco round when a $850 gun beat all others :lol:

I played 12 games while it was broken. Let's just say p90/R8 makes someone invincible

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