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Re: Dex or Str

All Str Baby. All My Skill Points Are in Strength Except 125 And That's In Vit. I'm a Lvl 150 Rogue and Use Sneaky, Qs, Rend, Double, and Rip ! (In My Opinion I Believe That If you Want to Do The Most Dmg, Be a Strong Rogue Cuz That Increases and Dext Rogues do Less DMG But Lay More Hits and Dodge ...

Re: ZombieArmy

Nugget wrote:How does any of that say hes a scammer. Im not saying hes not a scammer but u just told us u gave him a ton of free stuff and some how hes a scammersXD

He is a scammer. The story Vertigo posted was just an example of how he will never change, and will still be the same heartless person.

Re: fashion

Is it posible for me to buy the white sunlit gloves without buying the whole set?

Re: ZombieArmy

JustinBeiber wrote: I agree. Anywhere in Morrigan have you ever heard someone shout ''JustinBeiber is a scammer'', for the past year.

Oh, how you tempt me.

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