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Re: Boss build for rouge?

At level 100 i don't think that you should be going for a boss build as the majority of bosses are higher than you; the best thing that you can do is get a leveling build to more so benefit the killing of the boss at a higher level.

Re: Poison damage.

Although it is unresisted it still will have variable damage. Poison damage is a more raw output form of damage so it is very beneficial to dps.

Re: MultumInPavro

Hey Bobo, I'm glad to read your story of your past in Morrigan. Its good to hear about other's experiences. If you happen to be online and I am on at the same time, it would be nice to have a good conversation.

Re: Anyone has coven hats?

Blue worth about 200k in my opinion Yes it might be but why is a blue crown (3rd rarest) worth 10k? Fashion is worth so much somone want to pay for it. Also i bought red for 5k black 10k and now blue for 200k?? WAIT whaat i understund the white hats can be worth alot but.. Clearly you didnt try to ...

Gwydion to Morrigan

Transferring back to morrigan.
Many things that I am willing to due and I am willing on some items to do a different of equal value.
Mail me or PM me on the forums.

Re: Adamant dagger or meteoric one?

speed isnt matter of dmg, ofc adamant does more dmg, DPS is matter of speed and damage, the met gives great speed, even greater on haste (its not like on haste every wep has the same speed, adamant dagger will still be much slower), and if u have an axe offhand the total dps is even much better, my...

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