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Re: Love CH!

All we're asking for is new content amazing bosses with mind breaking buffs that make bossing enjoyable, remove windows from timers, most ch players have been playing for a long time and they have responsibilities, mord spawn time is 72hrs( most of the times I camped) players can manage to set time...

Re: Love CH!

Funny how I post that I love the game and everyone comes out all "this game sucks blah blah" But those people are still playing, lol ;^) You didnt just post you loved the game. You also simultaneously insulted people to get a rise out of them by calling them "whiny veterans". Fo...

Re: Is sharing accs allowed ?

No, account sharing is not allowed. It's partly a security issue, partly because it's not fair and/or confusing for other players, and partly because it has the potential for huge headaches for Support - as well as other reasons us players may not know about or consider. Security reason: Account sh...

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