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Re: To Ascension Clanmates

It wasn't his item, it was a clan item earned by a group of 20+ people. He earned the right to use it, per clan rules. ..to sell outside clan is an insult to others who could have used it and those who also helped earn it. People know our clan rules, it's not a secret. If you want to run a clan of ...

Re: Post Your Gear!!!!!!!

Anyone else realize that only rogues posted their gear? This is obviously a brag thread. That's why the rogue stance fits. the OP was rogue :D and its always nice to see other rogues and the way their Build :) , not a brag post as we dont brag around just show our best gear parts and what were prou...

Re: Post Your Gear!!!!!!!

BlackMamba wrote:Hard to tell how good that gear is without knowing what anything is. Is that a godly energy def ranger brace? Or a dmg attack rogue? Big difference

120 heat dmg 500 cunning 500 defence, other is 100 heat dmg 400 cunning and 425 attk :geek: :geek:

Re: The Evolution of CH

I like the seasonal events as they add new items to seek, however the term re-skinned is somewhat applicable in my opinion I think this is where those that are not favouring events have an issue. Each event has compromised of the same basis. :collect number of flowers/items to attain headwear :kill...

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