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Re: Systems for dom clans

At this point we have to ask ourselves, does VR care to ever fix how the game works? My guess is probably not, a easier system would make game much less pay to play and less income for the staff. More likely to get cooking haste elixirs first before adding anything new to the combat part of game.

Re: Systems for dom clans

What do you guys think would change the game to avoid clans with too much power or systems that are flawed? Would be maybe cool if drops were based on percentage of damage dealt but everyone who participated in the group got a minimum drop of some kind. Maybe if you had enough damage you would get a...

Systems for dom clans

Can someone copy and paste the systems designed for boss drops and such on dom servers? I’m interested on what systems others use because I feel like the dicing rolling system is too corruptible, too many people making alts and double tripping rolling on my server, just trying to understand what has...

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