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We should have the devs limit to all competing clan servers and dom servers to one drop per boss until they change their "evil" ways yep yep Or you know, you can work a bit to achieve your goals and not depend on someone else to serve it in a platter for you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Go to some server, ...

Re: Permanent xp increase to help attract new players?

I think that rebalancing the xp curve again (yes, it used to be even worse) would be a really good idea - especially for the 130-220 part, which is suuuper tedious. Creating new consumables that further increase experience gains could also work...but I think it would be a little too much. I agree t...

Re: Cattacomb Charm Fashion

Romeo wrote:I'm with eragons first statement, let's see the world burn lol. It'd be funny to see those people that like to overprice items get all worked up. But not in chests my guy, I'm tired of seeing those chests

Tried to speak VR's language for it to happen. ching ching

Re: No Dino Weapons

Weps on Mabon aren't too bad. We're on our 33 ish kill and we have gotten quite a bit of weapons so far. Maybe around 10 That's crazy. Either Mabon is extremely lucky or Sulis is just very unlucky. I don't know what it is yet. Anyways, I'm sure most of your weapons are Knuckleblades lol. Indeed knu...

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