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Re: Neutral Judgment

Just wanted to get people's opinion on the following: This is so pathetic asking on a gaming forum, I'm frankly surprised you have the balls to do it. Is this post breaking any rules? I don't care if it's harsh, just want to know if this is against forum rules. Thank you. If you were referring to a...

Re: 1000th post

Desmond Glace wrote:
lol crim ur wait is over i thought it would be shazta oberyn or turmoil those nubs always have something mean or sarcastic to say


Lol, anyways...grats fridd.

Re: What to study?

Dont fall into the biology trap. Totally worthless for gamers unless you plan on pursuing medicine.

Chemistry is more rigorous and more respected. Physics is good too.

Re: quiz :)

007rogue wrote:It is called walk

This answer is the better one. A fly without wings can't fly..so its not a FLY. It was only a fly because it could fly. Now its a walk

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