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Re: Axis vs Alliance

Also the reason mizza doesn't have her rangers name in her tag is a bit fishy considering that it's the leader of Avandesora, despite avandesoras members claim to be neutral :/

Re: Axis vs Alliance

I never disagreed with using the ring to get the things back learn to read... I disagree with why he was kicked in the first place. Treat your members well yeah right, then why would u unjustly kick them and take all their efforts away.

Re: Axis vs Alliance

And I've seen many instances where a group of player leave alli and talk about how horribly the active non gen player is treated. But whatevs.... Alli will be alli I will be anti Dom permanently. As I support all players working together as well as personal ownership of items not clan ownership.

Re: Axis vs Alliance

Sure reaper ring was low blow however idgaf about that what bothered me was the initial reason howfast was booted. He took his time soloing bosses to help gear a friend that was refused entry to alli and was thus booted despite his actions having 0 to do with the clan. Which was then followed by rea...

Re: Back on ios

Pfft your not slender your b1a4/ b2e9st rogue a Druid not warrior slenderclone at all ;). Good to have you back mate,

Re: Independent

So yeah you didn't leave immediately but once you got your dl you only would camp snorri just like so many others that only cared about themselves,, I was asked multiple times with the chief/gens saying "I know you've been camping for a long time for your dl, but •insert player name• has been l...

Re: Independent

I'm sad that all the ex-indep gens aren't around to shut down a person lying about why he got dl while still taking the time to talk on said post as if I wasn't the one asked who we should gear next and since person X was nice at the time and really wanted dl and camped fairly often I chose him to g...

Re: Buying!!!

And I stole nothing both in technicality and reality when a guild goes 100% inactive does the bank excluding pended item not go to the owner of that bank the owner of that character? The person who stayed the longest was Roguetta, the most under appreciated player on lugh. She's active af nice and m...

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