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Why not Skype

Why does everyone use kik when iPods have Skype which works way better. (Btw my Skype is: FoxGlow44) in case some people would rather use it.

Re: Meteoric Dagger, or Diamond Dagger, Poison Or Ice offhan

Emperor you are wrong on this one I am affraid metioric is far better then diamond. With diamond I got 907 damage with metioric it was 756 now do the maths on them and divide by speed and you will easily see that metioric is greater. A lot of people don't take damage ring braclets and offhand damag...

Re: Damnstraight selling (chars etc.)

Hey no hate posts if you don't want don't buy, but plz keep rude posts to a minimum. Thanks. Also char prices will remains as is. How is that rude? i dont see no rudeness It is rude because u laughed at prices rather than simply thrying to be helpful u could have pmed me instead or worded it differ...

Re: Damnstraight selling (chars etc.)

Im going be a rich man. I have 6 charstone rings. 4 27 armor rings and 2 23 armor ones. :), but in seriousness charstone rings are worth some money. People have paid 20 to 25k a piece for them and ive seen them go for 5 to 10k on the lower end. they are rare and very good rings so id say 20 to 25k ...

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