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LEGENDZ again restarting

Lately alot of fights have been going on with members in and out of my clan and Iḿ tired of it so legendz will be restarting again, this time im not gonna be as open on accepting members because any fighting should stay out of the clan. if this has resulted in you being removed from the clan and wou...

Wtf missing plat!?!?

June 24, 2013 at 4pm i purchased chest of plat (double plat is supposed to be from June 21-24) however i only recieved 4k. Sincerely, loyal ch player
(Character in which plat was purchased on: Legendz44)

Re: Goodbye Valsy....

I ask that otm leave some symbol of valsy's presence on lugh such as a plaque or statue by fargcrag fountain plz bump if you agree. Val you will be missed.

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