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Re: Hrunghir

i have 2 scrolls of rooting if these will help you guys just message me in game

Re: leveling ettiquette

i agree with a noob guide as well or possibly a different one for rogues because rogues can clear a area much faster than other classes and also at lower lvls one can easily solo most areas and still have to wait for enemies to respawn. cause really who wants to waste lix time waiting for enemies to...

Re: World transfer

um heli did u look at his account this is his first post ever and it just so happens to be a world xfer request? sounds slightly scammerish to me.

Re: Somebody hacked me

players sometimes do stuff like this: (eg.
Player1 says: player2 scammed my hero rejuv ammy (game auto goes to next line and same player types)
Player2 says: yeah so what if i did )
this is just an example and ive had it happen to me b4

Re: Ancients FAQ: A bit about the clan

ok I'm finding the topic of the not being greedy rule entirely backwards high lvls set there price at whatever they want but the moment a low lvl sells for slightly above the average every high lvl is there to rip into them about it. i agree players should be able to set their price where they deem ...

Re: i cant solo

@chaoslord at higher levels a combo elix can barely get your anywhere it takes many elixirs per level for a lvl 105 id say they could get me maybe 2/3 of a level um that completely idiotic sunce how combos work now they give base bonuses to hp energy armor attack and def as well as a percentile bon...

Re: i cant solo

brookies build looks best for surviving however it looks gross for lvling speed unless u have alot of dps gear

Re: Shadowstrike vs Quick Strike (split points or max one?)

qs is absolutley terrible for pvp vs warriors however shadowstrike doesnt matter the armor +nothing rlly resists poison my shadowstrike is 39/30 and max dmg in skill tab is 1872 and while lvling im usually hitting 1500+ dmg only problem is shadowstrike still has a glitch with autoing/casting skills ...

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