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Re: Need list of scammers

Don't ask these mother f**** for transfers, Samkhan SamSneakyEyes SamFireEyes SamSnakeEyes SamRangedEyes THEY ARE ALL SCAMMERS! Advise everyone not ask them for transfers if u see them. I wonder what the rule is about naming and shaming yourself.... What? the 'SmartOne' can't figure that out? Not s...

Re: Thanks Lugh

ShannonFromLugh wrote:S007 is SHADOWKRAR??

Shadowkrar, Aka s007 aka S7d-i-k and the Francais Le petite Une bite Homme (Small peniised French man)

Re: Hey Shannon,

PVP wrote:
Samkhan8000 wrote:Make me one with a shooting pennis that says 'F BERSERKERS' loooool


Here same

bit more appropriate :D :D

Lol thanks

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