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Re: Game Dying?

As it is, I personally feel as if the game is getting better not worse. The question really is whether these changes have begun too late....and only time will tell that.

Re: To the player base.

People act like it's OTM's hobby to try to improve the game and the hours of time they spend in the office is voluntary. No. This is OTM's job. If the bred the baker bakes smells bad do we say he is only baking "FOR YOU GUYS" aswell? OTM should listen to their costumers more as we keep th...

Re: lvl 170 gladiator

One negative to the long spawn time is that some of those frustrated players take it out on the lower lvls. Better spawn times and a 210 glad would help. It's just hard for them to change it because they really did want people to fight over the gladiators when the arena first came out. But instead ...

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