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Re: Nicest

Personally, i think the person who has been the nicest to me is Truth. He has sacrificed time to help me with quests and sometimes lvling. He also sacrificed gold in giving me every disc i needed for the warden armour. Atm he is helping me with the meteoric quest. In my opinion he is one of the best...

Re: Gwydion News!

Just figured i might as well put it here though i will probably make a topic about it later. Bloodgrove is recruiting. If you want in you can message me and tell me when ur on and ill see if i can get u in.

Meteoric Armor

Not sure if this has been posted before, but it would be really helpful to know which big red guys are useful to kill for your class. For example, if I wait twenty minutes to kill redbane and all of a sudden i find out that he doesn't drop anything for warriors that kind of stinks. So if you don't m...

Hi everyone

Hello fellow Celtic Heroes!! I have four characters. My main is a lvl 83(atm) warrior named Solumbum. My other characters are EragonS(lvl 15 rogue), WeldenS(lvl23 Druid), and BlodgarmS(lvl 24 mage). I am playing on Gwydion and have been ever since im I started playing. Also I am a guardian for Blood...

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