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Re: Boss times

It's like 20-30 mins
ThyraUnited wrote:I believe they are random from killing the regular mobs that spawn in the spot but not 100% sure
yes they have a place holder

Re: To all the server comments

@Demon also you have Bitey on Arawn who practiclly works at OTM and if tht doesn't scream Illuminati, Muldar's main IOS toon is on Arawn! Illuminati CONFIRMED Never been there personally but I do hear a lot about it and a lot more good than bad things. bitey doesn't legitimately work at otm but the...

Re: To all the server comments

@jaynightblade That's understandable I'd never transfer either I'd rather fix my world if it was broken or just quit because this game is a big distraction and makes me less productive in real life, but thankfully my server is fine. I hope they allow you to do that one day. Have you been there to ex...

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