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Re: How VR can resuscitate this dying game quick and easy

It will take more than just increased drop rates now. Other games are out and offer better content on a whole new level. Celtic heroes is dead they're not doing anything to fix it till Warhammer drops and fails harder than heroes age did.. There's plenty that could be done but grass looks greener on...

Re: Raid idea

Don’t get your hopes up....seems like it’s a struggle just to get a simple summer update to launch with it already being about a month into fall. Just my two cents. Wow ur still here waiting lol Sometimes u just gotta take a hint, no talk from the team here no explanation I see what's going on with...

Re: Warhammer

I hope Warhammer will get better design decisions, as CH game design is perfectly bad. Eg bosses have to be camped literally for days. Unbalanced raids and lock battles. Poor drop rates. On Taranis I'm aware of one royal havoc, no imp or godly. You could play for years and won't be rewarded with to...

Event idea

Do an event where gele spawns every 12 hours and drops double of everything. I.e 1 pureness = 2 pureness drops, 1 godly ingen = 2 ingen
So on so on
Also do it for BT in like a month later
Don't say its too op his rates are crap ._.

Re: Update

They should sell CH to a soley dedicated team. It's clear they can't keep their promises to support CH. Unless they have a weird definition of support, theyre unappreciative of the fanbase they've created. Mismanaging it into the ground it's just plain sad. I hate to say it but I agree, OTM was so ...

Re: Update

Z4beemer wrote:its about to be october still no update....

Yep ._. October.. Cya in the November post. Happy Thanksgiving in advance

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