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Re: Thursdays Server Reset

Time to #NerfFettlecaps If VR even know what that quest is :lol: Nerf the free potions?! https://media.giphy.com/media/3o7btSz2WtqIPuDMkw/source.gif Lol he got you, another quest similar to blossoms that got nerfed Hmm how about we add a 1k health or energy pot to blossom quest making it useful aga...

Re: Thursdays Server Reset

Well I mean they say they were trying to find a way to make it fair and said screw it and called it a bug. It’s not a bug at all lol. #Fakenews! It actually does make sense to be a bug. Most other quests only give decent exp around the level that you get the quest. The fact that it was mistakenly s...

Re: Spies

Im no rule creator but this is just a friendly reminder, ruining the fun of gameplay for others is against the terms of service, I've seen players banned for that specific reason for stealing kills. That being said, it's probably against the rules to spy on your enemy clan in the way I've been seei...

Re: Spies

X-Tactical (PCR) wrote:Stealing kill/getting lock with lock battle = ban? That's a new rule I wasn't aware of, thanks for the info I'll let my clan know, as for your accusations with no proof.. let's be decent.. no shaming..

Denial is in these spies middle name.

Re: What Was Your Favorite Event?

Favorite Event was probably the Tor Caith Faerie one’s that was spawning all over Lirs Reach and Castle. It was fun to see all these people going around castle and Dal Riata looking for these faeries, and people were especially looking for the Shamans that “supposedly” had a chance to drop a mount ...

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