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A poem to evolve

A ring of humor, that I came to own Along with it, a heart of stone Given with love, accepted with a smile Only to have it last, just for a while It was to be, the one true ring And that it was, such a painful sting A ring of humor that I come to posses A ring to her, worth less and less My hopes an...

Re: PvP fun

AchillezX. wrote:i ofc wasnt there with my 6k hp to kick your ass.

Yes i seen your trys :))

Re: PvP fun

Hehe i recorded some pvp fun yesterday and hope you like it :) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=higho4RCtks If you don't like it please comment here or on youtube im always open for tipps how to improve things! E. Keep em coming man, I liked the theme music lol and I seen a lot people I knew. Hopefull...

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