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Re: Selling high lvl stuff

the mask is rare and its fashion theres no right price for fashion but I see nothing wrong with his price it's hard to get imo so lets not bash his thread, on travel lixes Pytha do you mean 9 boxes of 5 or just 9 lixes all together, on that I must agree with that weak fool^ :lol: that it's not 18k ...

Re: new event date?

Maybe One Or Two weeks befor your Christmas , im buddist i don't party at your events :(, if you haven't seen new Drops yet go to general section n' take a look :) hope we all will get somethin' nice out of yule! ( you can always call me for help!) see you ingame brave hunter, jac. ( will log in aga...

Re: Selling guildmasters mask

GodOZilla wrote:
Jonsa wrote:
Annihilation wrote:I don't like your price

I don't like 1,5 either.
Plus... Im sort of a collector wouldn't sell that :))
So happy i finished my 1st hunter set (thx madame :) )
But a guildmaster set oo get the other pieces and show people your hard workin'


Re: What makes a clan "suck"?

When someone says a clan sucks.... What do you think they are referring to? Do you think its because of a clan overall is bad? Because a clan is a rival clan? Or is it because they have some nasty players in that clan that are not so friendly? Im honestly wondering that when there are rivalries, wh...

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