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Re: R is for Rogue

Sorry Rouge is not for Red. You can't always go fish in foreign dictionnaires to justify nonsense.

In English Rouge normally means lipstick . Female make up.

So let's start from the beginning :

Repeat after me :

killer lipstick
Ancient lipstick
Zad lipstick
Hiding lipstick
Wink wink *

Re: Run Speeds Boosted!

yEs running is the BEST way to go by in game since always. I always run to snorri, takes like 15 minutes to get there from leystone, so i always arrive at snorri after it has been killed , but even if I am late , look at the bright side. It's like a mini morning jogging. i feel more refreshed and re...

Re: Hrungnir camping - how does it happen in your world?

Swan my dear once again your clear to the point , and like someone said Articulate posts , baffle me. Hope you have great success in real life cause you have an admirable mind. And back to the post. The stench of spite is pathetic from the opponents replies. When someone isn't over leveling his toon...

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