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Re: iPad 3

iPad 3 worst weakness :- shalemont ravine. Lag galore Number 2 weakness - lag at endgame boss raids such as necro prot and gele where lots toons logged. Will crash sometimes but it's like twice in an hour more or less but it's pretty random due to game and not because you were doing something specia...

Re: Teasers

i also managaed to hack into Muldars secret files and got a preview of next events hat quest reward.

please look forward to this.

Re: Alchemists

Umm.. aren't those alchemist and their flowers just Beltane bounty decoys?

Edit. Potion brewing is introduced. Through Fishing

But herbalism isn't the right word. Adding a pinch of basil to a mackerel broth is the limit to herbalism lolol.

Re: bear pet

On a par better than a boot... Bear adds 10 fishing and 10 concentration. needs to be fed like ordinary pets to be active. With the time spent to get the thing, I think I could have been a millionaire farming pirate captain and pirates . I'm might as well run around with a sparrow. Just as useless b...

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