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English writing.

So let's get this straight. I hate the vampire genre. But we gotta do it in school. Write just like the prologue of a vampire book.it's kinda bad. But it's gonna be assessed so I could do with some help. It had to be original, so it had to be kinda far out. Ok here goes: My vampire story: Deep in No...

My story: need help

Hey, so I got this english Homework and i kinda need some help. We were supposed to build a story, which gradually built suspense which was then released in the warning part. It is then supposed to build up again until we have enough to unleash it again, where the story ends. If i have not done this...

The Green Man.

I have an art project where we have to make a Green Man. I want to use this green man as a source to do my project. It will be made of clay. We have studied some Lore on him, apparently he is put on shed doors to ward off Evil Spirits; mainly in the UK. Funny, because I've never seen any and I live ...

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