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Re: Fishing?

Cool. So now our toons can sit by a body if water waiting and waiting and waiting for hours to catch a fish You forgot " ...waiting and waiting and waiting and...getting kicked from server for inactivity!!!" :D It's not always about the fish you catch, it's about the quality time spent wi...


Yo so I was listening to some clean rap music with my brothers and playing CH and all these people come up to me. And they be like, "Who's your main?" Ffs my name is Nub Main. Nub MAIN. so I have this Nub Alt called Nub Alt so I log him and he's level 34 and they like ahh so this is your m...

Re: tetris

Voldemort wrote:Tetris is the game of all games! I was even bought a Tetris lamp that lights up for every new piece you add to it :p

Probably around 70 lines...don't remember!


Limit on bounites

So after spending maybe an hour farming hunters remains, I decided to use them to get more bounites. I had more than enough for ten extra bounties, but after doing five, I discovered that there was a limit! You should be able to do as many bounties as you have agreements.

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