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Re: Is gold selling allowed?

Ive yet to see someone bot on this game. Runescape has thousands of them. Granted the player base for RS is literally like 1000 times bigger that makes sense there are more but if you've never seen or heard of botting on this game you either play on an obscure server or don't play much to know abou...

Is gold selling allowed?

i read the rules it mentions we are not allowed to sell accounts but it doesn't note we are not allowed to sell gold items for other games currency or cash. I wanted to make sure before I sold some gold because I have way too much on ch and have lost interest really and not willing to buy lux at the...

Re: Plat

Chests are 15-20k still on DANU, I hate it cuz the first ever chests sold for 10k, on first day of event chests go for 20-30k. Such a ripoff. Especially cuz we can't sell charms etc to the shop anymore. But yes depends when u buy the plat and some worlds still sell chests 10k.

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