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Re: How long does druid dominance last?

In terms of leveling, I have found its generally Rogues~Fast but expensive and potentially hard to gear Rangers~mid speed and more expensive gear is very server dependant Mages~mid speed can be hard to solo but fairly cheap and easy to gear generally Druids~slower speed unless with a lure mage, howe...

Re: Question about focus

For mages, I have a dps calculator that helps answer that. I'm currently working on a dps druid one but I have to rework a lot the formulas first and write up a couple from scratch so may be a while.

Re: Why is there heat /attack damage on the mage brace (CG) ?

What are you trying to get at? The point is to have the opposite of a plateau formula because it prevents melee classes from simply putting a small amount of points into focus or using gear that gives a small amount of focus (secrets helm and what not) and getting a significant boost, making things...

Re: Why is there heat /attack damage on the mage brace (CG) ?

You won’t get a big boost unless if you dumped loads of points into focus... imo I don't know about you but all three of my endgame toons were well over the plateau threshold without any dg and minimal bt gear. the scaling should start off slow, but really start to take off once you have, let’s say...

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