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Re: Lvl200 fishing a bit insane?

From 189-190 in quest fish it took 4000 lanternfishes, and lvl190 wasn’t the black/white shop so I assume 200, but that’d be a bit insane lol Yeah it seems a tab much. I made 131 doing perch turn ins for about 2k xp per ten. Getting to 120 was easy for that last fashion. I was hunting for silver no...

Re: Thoughts on cooking mastery

Eh, I’m pretty sure it’s lvl based. What lvl is bannock recipe? Maybe 130? 140? Well, whatever it is, you’ll need 1300 or 1400 to get average crits (1/20), and 1400/1500+ to get lots of crits. I’m at 1050 mastery and I crit 1/3 on bread, a quarter of those being perfected. But then I try a lvl100 re...

Re: AStral ray

Oh is there an item by the name of Astral Ray? Would that be the same skill name of that Lir's Reach doggy? So much for someone mentioning this is a creative and 'unique' game by a 'unique' developer. Just look at that 'more than 200 bounties added to this update' and we end up doing 3 of the same ...

AStral ray

Drop rate soooo low or I’m really unlucky, past..... 50+ vortex puddles and not a single one... and I’ve 50+ auroral trout.

Increase drop rates or puddle spawns for event too? Wink wink :-)

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