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Re: Retribution and Falgren

Like I said, Im not accusing or blaming anyone, I just always see at least 1 Ret there every time I go in that area, and whenever he spawns, theres like 5-8 Ret there, I just naturally assumed Ret kills Falgren, I have noticed Rob's been missing Falgren the last few times though :)

Retribution and Falgren

Hey all, Lemme start off saying that this is just a honest question from a neutral perspective, im not accusing Retribution of anything, im just curious. There is a shortage of dragon frags, the prices are skyrocketing because only one or two people seem to have, I've just been wondering why Retribu...

Re: Peace

I agree completely, SulisLegends and Retribution are both good clans, with nice people, the only problem is that neither clan wants the other to get the boss kill, like you said, if one gets there first, good for them, the problem is when the other clan starts attacking and tries to steal the kill. ...

Re: Snowstorm Spirits

The Yule Cloud looks exactly like the other clouds, it is a mount, although not a very good one, i havent tried it with heroic boots yet, but cant see why it wouldn't work. Id like to post a pic, but it won't allow me, it says the maximum file sized allowed is 275 kib.

Re: Snowstorm Spirits

They arent't very good, they are pretty much just a 5% cloud without the speed boost, sorry, i cant post a pic, it won't let me put on anything over 275 kib. Ill give you the stats. Two-handed 2 piercing damage 4 cold damage Attack speed, 3000 Like i said, not very good, but rare. Guthix123, lvl 91 ...

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