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Re: Bann list is ....

bob the mage wrote:What happened to no naming on forums .-.

No naming/shaming still exists as a rule, but mods/Difinitus don't keep up with the forums as much these days xD

Re: Bann list is ....

The problem with screenshots is that they are almost always taken out of context. A lot of times, people are just joking around. Without knowing any of the people in that conversation, just looking at the three screenshots makes it seem like Moon Knight is just messing around, and Skraz is playing a...

Re: Epona server full?

Wait, haven't you heard? CH is a dead game, that's not possible - it's all in your head :?

:lol: that occasionally happens when the server is full, usually only happens to Epona. You'll usually need to wait a few mins for another player to log off.

Re: Give us something DEVS

Sunbrook wrote:If all CH players would start giving negative feedback at their new game for leaving their CH players/clients in the cold, it might wake them up

Review bombing is dumb, and it's not gonna help. Let Odyssey succeed or fail on its own merit rather than trying to influence it.

Re: Any updateeeeeeee

Doesn't matter if WHO is the best of all MMO's or the worst, the discussion is over whether or not CH will be finished as a game or left as is. Is it about "finishing" CH? Can an MMORPG ever be actually finished? Almost every single post I've seen has been about wanting more updates. MMOR...

Re: lack of responsiveness

There's a difference between "giving up on CH" and moving on to a new project. CH has had a good, long life. Longer than most games like it (name one other mobile MMORPG that has been around since 2011 and still has hundreds of players logging in daily). It really shouldn't have been a sur...

Re: Give us something DEVS

In case my post gets deleted: https://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=103882 They are milking the Celtic Hero player base dry. Please stop spending money on this Celtic Heroes, keep on playing it, enjoy it but do not spend a penny on it. I just uninstalled the train wreck Alpha ...

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